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RC-USB Interface V2.0 for RC Simulator Game.
Interface RC signal 1-9ch to USB-Joystick 8 axis, 8 button
You can use your RC Remote as Windows USB-Joystick.
Support OS: Windows XP/2000 NO DRIVER Require
Support Game: All windows game that can use JOYSTICK.

PPM signal: 1-9ch RC PPM Interface for DSC (Direct Servo Control)
or Trainer Port.

Servo signal: 1-4ch RC Receiver Interface for AM, FM, FM-PCM,
FM-HRS RC receiver.

RC-USB Interface Kit
- 1 set RC-USB unit with USB cable.
- 1 set RCUSB-3.5MM cable for DSC/Trainer Port 3PK, M8, JR.
- 4 set Servo-cable for RC Receiver.
- 1 set CDROM include Manual, RC-USB TX Channel Manager
and some RC Game Demo.

High Quality PCB (Printed Circuit Board). Special design for RF circuit.

Pin Out
RX1 - RX4 : [S] [+] [-] = [White] [Red] [Black] for RC receiver
PPM 1-9 CH: [S] [ ] [-] = [Yellow] [ ] [Black] for PPM signal

RC-USB Interface. Plug and Play for windows XP/2000
No Driver require.

Servo-Cable [S] [+] [-] = [White] [Red] [Black]
Use this cable when you want to connect RC-USB with RC receiver.

RC-USB Interface with servo-cable,
Prepare for use with RC receiver.

RC receiver use supply from RC-USB Interface.
So your RC Receiver NO NEED for External Battery.
Just PLUG servo-cable to your receiver. it prompt to use.
Note: Please careful about connector polarity. if wrong, Unit can damage.

[S] [ ] [-] = [yellow] [ ] [Black]
S is Signal, - is Ground.

RC-USB Interface with RCUSB-3.5MM cable
For use with DSC / Trainer Port of Remote 3PK, M8, JR

RC-USB Interface with RCUSB-3.5MM cable connect to FUTABA 3PK DSC Port.

RC-USB Interface use with Wakera 6CH CCPM.
(RC-USB Interface can support CCPM of Walkera Remote.)

RC-USB Interface with RCUSB-3.5MM and RCUSB-DIN4-Walkera cable

RC-USB DSC/Trainer Cable Set >>> Click Here for detail <<<

RC-USB Interface V2.0 Kit Price : $55 USD
EMS International Fee: $20 USD

Mr.Smith Vorapatratorn
9TURBO MODIFY [ http://9turbo.com ]
Chiangrai, THAILAND

E-mail: smith@9turbo.com